The Pirate’s Birthday Party

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by Eric Ode

When You're a Pirate Dog, by Eric Ode

At the pirate’s birthday party
there are streamers and balloons.
The guests are wearing party hats
and singing birthday tunes.
They’re playing Toss the Cannonball
and Pirate Hide and Seek
and games of Pin the Cracker
to the Purple Parrot’s Beak.

The birthday guest of honor
has the special birthday chair.
His clothes are almost kind of clean.
He even combed his hair.
He’s blowing out the candles
as he makes his birthday wish
on squid and seaweed birthday cake
with frosting made of fish.

Copyright © 2012 Eric OdeFrom the book When You’re a Pirate Dog: And Other Pirate PoemsPelican Publishing Company. Reprinted by permission of the author.

About the Author

Children's Author Eric Ode

Photo by Kim Ode

Eric Ode is a children’s author, an award-winning songwriter, and a widely anthologized poet. Ode provides high-energy workshops and assemblies for schools throughout the United States and internationally. He lives in Washington state with his wife and two children.

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2 responses to “The Pirate’s Birthday Party”

  1. cristian says:

    the poem was kinda funny because it said the cake was made of frosting made with fish.and the pirate made a wish for his birthday and they all toss cannonballs and they all wear party hats. but they all had alot of fun even if they are pirates.

  2. Eric Ode says:

    you are silly and funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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