Date: June 9th, 2014

Dad, Are We There Yet?

by Paul Orshoski

What I Did on My Summer Vacation: Kids' Favorite Funny Summer Vacation Poems“Dad, are we there yet?”
“What’s taking so long?”
“How come we’re not moving?”
“Has something gone wrong?”

“I’m carsick.” “I’m nauseous.”
“My underwear’s wet.”
“I’m dizzy.” “I’m fainting.”
“My tummy’s upset.”

“Hey, Mom, crack the window.”
“I’m sweating like mad.”
“I’m thirsty.” “I’m hungry.”
“My head’s hurting bad.”

“My seat belt’s too binding.”
“Watch out, there’s a cop!”
“I’m starting to vomit.”
“We might need a mop.”

“People are honking.”
“They’re starting to pass.”
“I guess you forgot, Dad,
to fill up with gas!”

Copyright © 2008 Paul Orshoski. From the book What I Did on My Summer Vacation: Kids Favorite Funny Summer Vacation Poems. Meadowbrook Press. Reprinted by permission of the author.

About The Author

Children's Poet Paul OrshoskiPaul Orshoski is a former educator from Sandusky, Ohio. He writes witty, rhyming children’s poems and books.

Several of Paul’s poems have appeared in poetry anthologies published by both Meadowbrook Press of Minnetonka, Minnesota and Scholastic, Inc. of New York, New York. These include: My Teacher’s in Detention, Dinner with Dracula, I’ve Been Burping in the Classroom, I Hope I Don’t Strike Out, and What I Did on my Summer Vacation. Paul’s poems have also appeared in the following magazines: Boys’ Quest, Fun For Kidz, Hopscotch For Girls, and Scholastic Action. Paul enjoys making kids giggle during school author visits by enthusiastically performing his poems and books in small or large group settings wherever he is asked to present.

Visit his website at:

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