Date: April 24th, 2014


by Michael Salinger

High Impact Writing Clinics by Sara Holbrook and Michael SalingerI am
Belly grumbling
Lip licking
Refrigerator looking
Tummy aching
Food sniffing
Crumb gathering
Grumpy feeling
Cookie begging
Cake wanting
Donut craving
Ice cream wishing
Candy dishing

And can’t you see
I don’t think it’s great
That there is nothing but vegetables
On my plate!

Copyright © 2012 Michael Salinger. From the book High-Impact Writing Clinics: 20 Projectable Lessons for Building Literacy Across Content Areas. Corwin. Reprinted by permission of the author.

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Children's Poet Michael SalingerMichael Salinger is a father, poet, educator who travels the world promoting the use of poetry as a literacy tool in classrooms. For more information, visit

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