Saw My Teacher On a Saturday

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by Dave Crawley

Reading, Rhyming, and 'Righmetic by Dave CrawleySaw my teacher on a Saturday!
I can’t believe it’s true!
I saw her buying groceries,
like normal people do!

She reached for bread and turned around,
and then she caught my eye.
She gave a smile and said, “Hello.”
I thought that I would die!

“Oh, hi…hello, Miss Appleton,”
I mumbled like a fool.
I guess I thought that teacher types
spend all their time at school.

To make the situation worse,
my mom was at my side.
So many rows of jars and cans.
So little room to hide.

Oh please, I thought, don’t tell my mom
what I did yesterday!
I closed my eyes and held my breath
and hoped she’d go away.

Some people think it’s fine to let
our teachers walk about.
But when it comes to Saturdays,
they shouldn’t let them out!

Copyright © 2010 Dave Crawley. From the book Reading, Rhyming, and ‘Rithmetic. Wordsong. Reprinted by permission of the author.

About this Poem

What could be more unsettling for an elementary school kid than running into the teacher on a SATURDAY!   I still recall how shocked I was the first time it happened to me.   When I share my poems on school visits, teachers say they like this one the best.

About The Author

Children's Poet Dave CrawleyKnown for his rhyming stories on KDKA-TV, Dave Crawley has branched out into children’s literature. Dave’s first book, the critically-acclaimed Cat Poems honors our feline friends. His second book, Dog Poems, was selected at one of “The best Children’s Books of the Year” by the Bank Street Children’s Book Committee. Dave’s book of school poems, Reading, Rhyming and ‘Rithmetic received a starred review (“Highly Recommended”) from the Library Media Connection.

Dave also has numerous poems in nine anthologies: Rolling in the Aisles, If Kids Ruled the School, Miles of Smiles, I Invited a Dragon to Dinner, Peter Peter Pizza Eater, My Teacher’s In Detention, Lady Bug, Lady Bug, Pound A Poem, and What I Did On My Summer Vacation.
In addition, he has published dozens of poems in 13 national children’s magazines, including “Ranger Rick”, “Cricket”, and “Jack and Jill.”

Dave makes frequent appearances at area schools, reading his rhymes to poets of the future. To contact him about making an appearance at a school, email:

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33 responses to “Saw My Teacher On a Saturday”

  1. lizzie stewart says:

    I love this poem when i was doing the poem contest i won!!!!!!
    i love it!!!!

  2. Holly Logan says:

    I love your poem!

  3. Samantha says:

    Doing it for a peach and drama so nervous

  4. Samantha says:

    Doing it for a peach and drama sooooooooooooo nervous

  5. Jayne says:

    I love this poem, I am a teacher and I am Miss Appleton! My class think I’m famous.

  6. parkson kucherera says:

    what a lovely poem.Am a high school mathematics teacher.I came to know of the poem when it was recited by a grade 1 learner at Springhaven Primary School,Northdale,South Africa,where my son have graduated from grade 7. (in November 2015).What a lovely poem.Luckily,I googled and found it.Thanks.God bless.
    From Parkson Kucherera.

  7. Lucy Heartfillia says:

    Doing this for speech club; hilarious poem

  8. Lucy Heartfillia says:

    Doing this for speech club; hilarious poem

  9. HAHAHAHAHA SO FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Mirhaan says:

    I am using the poem for my contest

  11. Anonymous says:

    I’m reciting this poem for a audition for a school play. The moment I read the title, I knew this was perfect!!

  12. Janet says:

    What type of poem would you say this is? Narrative or Humorous?

  13. Aayan says:

    I am using this poem for my contest pls pray to God I will win

  14. Ishaan goyal says:

    Best poem ever and hilarious

  15. Ritisha Jain says:

    Awesome and funny poem

  16. Corine Meyer says:

    By far the best poem I’ve come across in the last five years!

  17. Misb says:

    definitely know how to introduce poems now for my form 1 students, they are going to love this.

  18. Buddy Moore says:

    So true! I’m a retired elementary music teacher. I taught every kid in the school; some years it was 2 schools. I rarely went to the grocery without seeing a student. Some would ask “where’s your guitar?” I guess they thought it was part of me.

  19. JAVEN says:

    BRUH this poem got me dead LOL and true LOL

  20. Analeigh says:

    what is the theme??

  21. cammy says:

    i love this poem i won like 5 diff comp with this thing!

  22. cammy says:

    i love this poem i won like 5 diff comp with this thing! i love ittt

  23. Kuldeep Tirkey says:

    We the teachers have liked it very much

  24. Cristina says:

    I practice this poem

  25. Jorge says:

    Saw this on my staar test in 5 th grade and I’ve remembered it since (now in12th)

  26. IVORY says:


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