Date: September 4th, 2013

Pirate Pat’s Fancy Hat

by Eric Ode

When You're a Pirate Dog, by Eric OdeVile and vicious Pirate Pat
adores his fancy pirate hat.
Its shiny band of finest leather
holds a long and lacy feather.
Follow Pat and you will find
that frilly feather floats behind,
and as it bumps your nose and chin,
you’ll smirk a bit. And then you’ll grin.
You’ll snicker, chortle, smile, and chuckle,
giggle till your ankles buckle,
laugh so hard your sides will ache!
But that will be a big mistake.
Vile and vicious Pirate Pat
will think it’s him you’re laughing at,
or, even worse, his fancy hat.
And, bet your life,
he won’t like that!

Copyright © 2012 Eric Ode. From the book “When You’re a Pirate Dog: And Other Pirate Poems.” Pelican Publishing Company. Reprinted by permission of the author.

About the Author

Eric Ode

Photo by Kim Ode

Eric Ode is a children’s author, an award-winning songwriter, and a widely anthologized poet. Ode provides high-energy workshops and assemblies for schools throughout the United States and internationally. He lives in Washington state with his wife and two children.

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