Date: October 2nd, 2013


by Sara Holbrook

I Never Said I Wasn't Difficult by Sara HolbrookNo use
acting nice to me
when I’m stuck
in a pout.
I can’t let your
niceness in
until my mad



Copyright © 1996 Sara HolbrookFrom the book I Never Said I Wasn’t Difficult. Boyds Mills Press. Reprinted by permission of the author.

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About The Author

Children's Poet Sara HolbrookPoet. Author. Educator. Sara Holbrook is the author of fifteen poetry books for children, teens and adults. She is also the author of four books for teachers, Outspoken, How to Improve Writing and Speaking Skills through Poetry Performance (co-author Michael Salinger, Heinemann, 2006), Practical Poetry, A Non-Standard Approach to Meeting Content Standards (Heinemann, 2005), High Definition: Unforgettable Vocabulary Instruction (co-author Michael Salinger, Heinemann, 2010), and High-Impact Writing Clinics (co-author Michael Salinger, Corwin, Fall 2013).

An acclaimed performer, she is a frequent speaker at state, national and international teacher conferences and guest lecturer at schools and universities providing writing and public speaking workshops for students and professional development courses for teachers at all grade levels, both in school setting and conferences.

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